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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my debit or credit card at the theatre?
A: No, we are strictly a cash business. However, ATMs are available on our premises for your convenience.

Q: Are you a "Cineplex" theatre?
A: No, the Capitol Theatre is an independent theatre as is not affiliated with any theatre chain in Canada or the U.S.

Q: Do you accept gift cards or gift certificates from other theatres or theatre chains?
A: No. Only gift certificates sold at the Capitol Theatre are valid for purchases at the Capitol Theatre.

Q: Do you sell advance tickets for upcoming movies?
A: Yes. Tickets for film openings are usually available for purchase on the Tuesday night before the film debuts.

Q: Do you host children's birthday parties?
A: No, we don't. However, you are welcome to purchase advance tickets in order to guarantee seating for your child's event (as per the previous Q&A).

Q: When does the box office open?
A: The box office opens at 6:30pm for evening performances and at 1:00pm for matinee performances in general. Any changes are noted on our website or the theatre answering machine.

Q: How do your gift certificates come?
A: Gift certificates are available in $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 denominations.

Q: When can I buy gift certificates?
A: Gift certificates can only be purchased during box office hours.

Q: What can gift certificates be used for?
A: Gift certificates are valid for purchases at the box office or at the concession. They are valid up to their full amount and change is given if the full amount is not used. Conversely, if a purchase is made exceeding the amount of the gift certificate, the purchaser must make up the difference.

Q: Why can't I just buy theatre tickets?
A: Do to the fluctuation in prices for age and time and day of week, it would be impossible to produce gift tickets for all eventualities.

Q: Do your gift certificates expire?
A: No they do not. By law, any gift certificate purchased with cash or equivalent cannot.

Q: It says in your advertising that there are "No Passes Accepted." What does that mean?
A: It means that the film's distributor has asked us not to accept passes for their film for a certain time period.

Q: How do I know I have a pass?
A: The word "Pass" will be printed clearly on it

Q: I see a movie being advertised as "Now Playing" but it isn't playing at the Capitol Theatre. What gives?
A: Please understand that on average 3 new movies are released in North America each week. The Capitol Theatre has only 3 screens and the commitment to each new film opening generally spans 2-3 weeks each. Mathematically, it would be impossible for us to play every new release. We do our best to play the most likely popular new releases but feel free to drop us a line if there is a specific film you wish to see. If there is space in our schedule, it may be possible.

Q: Are you guys still messing around with film?
A: No, the Capitol Theatre has recently installed top-of-the-line digital equipment. There is a marked improvement in both picture and sound quality since this upgrade. 35mm film is being phased out by mid-2014.

Q: Can I rent the theatre so my friends and I can watch our favourite movie?
A: Yes, this is possible. However, the appropriate exhibition fee must be paid to the distributor of any film you may choose to watch. As well, a rental fee for the use of the theatre will apply. These two fees together may make your event uneconomical depending on how many people will be attending. Check with the theatre manager for rates and theatre availability.

Q: Does the theatre give out free passes?
A: The theatre provides a number of free passes for local charitable events. Applications must be made in person to the manager and a request letter must be submitted.

Q: I want to work at the theatre. How old do I have to be and how do I apply?
A: There is no lowest age limit to qualify to work at the theatre. However, those under 16 must have parental consent. Resumes can be submitted to the manager in person at the theatre.

Revised: November 30, 2017.